Suna Kıraç Library

Suna Kıraç Library is a modern and rich library that meets the educational and research needs of Koç University students, academic and administrative staff. Offering a seating capacity of 915 people on 4 floors and an area of 8,300 square meters, Suna Kıraç Library serves its users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year.

  • The Library houses more than 276.000 print books, approximately 369.000 materials of different types in total
  • Provides access to more than 297.000 e-books, 85.000 e-journals and 118 online databases.
  • Apart from individual study areas, there are also 15 group study rooms in the library. These rooms can be reserved by student groups and used for collaborative study and research.

Upon the completion of the university registration process, Library accounts are created automatically. Borrowing rights are;

  • 25 books, 30 days, 1 renewal
  • 5 reserve materials, 2 hours, no renewal
  • Online renewal permitted before an item’s due date, or, for books, through the end of the 3-day grace period
  • Document delivery services: intercampus loan service, 5 article requests

After the orientation, newcomer students complete the LIB101 training within the scope of UNIV101. The LIB101 Library Training is created by the Library staff to inform Koç University students about the Library and its services. The training available on the Blackboard platform consists of 5 modules. An English version of the training is available for International Students.

In addition, information literacy trainings are given to the students in Academic Writing courses to be able to use information and information resources effectively.