Students who register at Koç University are required to pass the Koç University English Proficiency Exam (KUEPE) or provide a valid English proficiency exam score accepted by the university to start studying at their departments.

KUEPE and Placement Exam

Koç University English Proficiency Exam (KUEPE) and Placement Exam will be administered at Koç University Rumelifeneri campus at 12:00 on Monday, September 14, 2020. Students will take both exams.

Students will first take the Placement Exam that consists of multiple choice questions assessing reading (vocabulary) and grammar items. Then, KUEPE will take place. KUEPE assesses four main skills, namely reading, listening, writing and speaking, as well as grammar and vocabulary. The ‘Reading, Listening, Use of English, and Writing’ sections of the exam (80 points of the KUEPE) will be administered at Koç University Rumelifeneri campus on Monday, September 14, 2020. Students who get a minimum 40 and above out of 80 in these sections will be eligible to take the online speaking section (20 points of the KUEPE) on Thursday-Friday, September 17-18, 2020. Overall, students who get 60 out of 100 in total from KUEPE will be able to enroll in their departments.

KUEPE results will be announced on the ELC website on Tuesday, September 22, 2020. Students who take the KUEPE but score less than 60 out of 100 will be placed at an appropriate level in the preparatory program according to their scores in KUEPE and the Placement Exam and will study at ELC for at least one semester depending on their level. It is very important for our students to take these exams in order to be placed at the level that will enable them to get the best language education possible to successfully pursue their academic studies.

Detailed information about the exam will be shared with you via your KU email addresses closer to the exam date. You can see the KUEPE sample for 2020 registered students on the ELC website.

Accepted External Exams

Students who submit one of the following exams with the minimum required scores listed below will directly become freshman and will not be required to take the Placement Test or KUEPE.

  • YDS / E-YDS: 80 out of 100. (Valid for 5 years)
  • TOEFL IBT*: 80/20 on the writing section. If the student takes the exam outside of Turkey, he or she may petition the Executive Council for getting the exam score accepted. My Best Score reports are not accepted. (Valid for 2 years)
  • PTE Academic* (Pearson Test of English): 67 out of 90. (Valid for 2 years)
  • CAE/CPE*: Grade of C. (Valid for 3 years)

*Per the latest instruction letter for Foreign Language Exam Equivalencies issued by the Center for Selection and Placement of Students (OSYM), in order for an international language exam taken in Turkey to be accepted as equivalent, it must be taken in a state university building.

Students with a valid TOEFL IBT score are required to have their original score report form sent to our university by ETS. Our university code is 0163. Student copies are not considered as a valid document. If the official document has not arrived at the university by the registration period, student copies will be temporarily processed. In this case these students will be required to fill out and sign a form indicating that their official TOEFL score report will be sent to our university within 1 month.


  • Am I required to take the placement exam before taking an external exam that you accept?

No. There is no such condition for external exams.

  • May I take the placement exam more than once?

It is taken only once.

  • May I access a sample of the placement exam? Do I need to study for this exam? There is no sample for the Placement Exam. It is a 40-minute exam including multiple-choice questions with different levels of difficulty and there are reading (vocabulary) and grammar sections in it. This exam aims to measure students’ current level of English, and its results are not used for exemption purposes. Therefore, students are expected to answer all questions that they can so that they are placed at an appropriate level.
  • What is the deadline to submit a valid passing exam score?

The first day of Fall 2020; October 5, 2020.

  • How many levels are there in the ELC?

There are 4 levels:

  • Foundation
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper Intermediate

You may check ELC website or contact for your questions.