Registration Week: 31 January Monday – 14 February Monday

First Day of Classes : 14 February 2022 Monday

Required Documents for Registration

  • Diploma: The official high school diploma or a recently taken graduation document (certificate of achievement is not taken into consideration).
  • Equivalency Certificate (Denklik Belgesi) : The students who have graduated from a high school abroad are requested to provide a HighSchool Diploma Equivalency Certificate besides the official high school diploma(for international students only).
  • Passport /Mavi Kart (If avaliable) (it is applicable to students who have been Turkish citizens by birth but have ceased to be a Turkish citizen with the permission stated at the article no. 28 of Law no. 5901.)
  • Photo (biometric and white background)
  • Students of School of Nursing are expected to comply with the necessary health requirements to attend clinical applied courses by declaring that they have obtained the lung reports and completed vaccination for Hepatitis B and Tetanus. It is obligatory to complete all the necessary vaccination processes before the start of 2nd year clinical applied courses.

Important Notice on Registration

Dear Koç University Candidate,

Please do not forget to fill out the following:

  • Registration Form,
  • Dormitory Application Form, if you are planning on staying in dormitories

Registration process cannot be finalized if you have missing documents.

Candidates who fail to register within the designated time period cannot assert any rights.

Our regulations clearly state that candidates will not be allowed to register without having paid their tuition.

Universities are entitled to take any necessary legal action against candidates who are found to have given misleading declarations upon registration.