Before 01 August

Accept the admission offer and receive your KU ID number

Before 30 August

Pay your 1st semester tuition

Between May – September

Check your visa (if applicable) or entry requirements to Türkiye

Between May – September

Apply for your high school equivalency certificate

Between 06 July – 20 August

Pay the dormitory pre-application and deposit fee

04 August

Attend the virtual international orientation day

20 – 23 August

Receive your KU ID password and KU email address 

22-26 August

Complete the dormitory application form

Between 20 August-15 September

Complete the matriculation and registration forms

September 5

Dormitory placement results are announced

September 6-16

Pay the remainder dorm fees

September 5

Receive your English Placement Exam details

September 6

Attend the English Placement Exam on campus

7 September

Attend the English Proficiency Exam (KUEPE) on campus

September 9-10

Attend the English Proficiency Exam (KUEPE) Speaking section online

September 22-23

Attend the General Online Orientation

September 28

Check-in your dorm room

September 29-30

Attend the General On-Campus Orientation

September 23

Courses are assigned by Registrar’s and you can make course selection

3 October

First day of classes!<